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Port of Akureyri
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Port of Akureyri
600 Akureyri
Tel. +354 460 4200
Fax +354 460 4209
Email port@port.is

Brass bandTour of Akureyri town and Godafoss waterfall

Godafoss, or “Waterfall of the Gods”  derives its name from the momentous occasion on which the Chieftan, Thorgeir of Ljósvatn, threw his Pagan Idols into the falls as a demonstration of his conversion to the Christian faith. The town of Akureyri is the administrative, transportation and commercial center of North Iceland. Akureyri is actually viewed by the Nation as being the “Capital of the North”. Boasting a University, a steady base in fisheries & agriculture - Akureyri also offers several museums, cafes, shops & restaurnts along with a wonderful botanical Garden.

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